Tracephos (14-16-0-20 + Trace Elements)

Tracephos is produced by bonding finely ground elemental sulphur onto the outer surface of DAP granules by a water-soluble matrix during the coating process, but this matrix dissolves in soil moisture and releases the finely-divided sulphur particles that are then readily oxidized to the soluble sulphate from the micro-organisms present in the soil. In this way the elemental sulphur coating is readily available to the plant, but is not easily leached below the plant root zone as sulphate super is. Uptake of P205 is not inhibited by the sulphur coating. Sulphur coatings in the range of 2-24% can be applied in the process.

The idea of coating powdered elemental sulphur and trace elements (B.Co.Cu.Sel+Zn) to DAP was to;

  1. Improve the sulphur content of DAP
  2. To provide trace elements to the soil, as these have been depleted over many years
  3. To eliminate segregation of elements, thus giving an even spread of each element which is essential for efficient results.
  4. To improve pasture quality with more growth long term
  5. To improve animal health and performance.

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