Supa Sel 2

New Release: 2% Slow Release Selenium Prill SupaSel2 Key Features Supa Sel2 is a slow-release 2% selenium prill for use as a fertiliser additive on selenium deficient soils to raise herbage selenium levels for animal health. To be applied at 0.5kg/ha annually to deliver 10g elemental selenium per hectare per year. Provides grazing livestock... more>>

Tracephos (14-16-0-20 + Trace Elements)

Tracephos (14-16-0-20 + Trace Elements) Tracephos is produced by bonding finely ground elemental sulphur onto the outer surface of DAP granules by a water-soluble matrix during the coating process, but this matrix dissolves in soil moisture and releases the finely-divided sulphur particles that are then readily oxidized to the soluble sulphate... more>>

Magnite (N32–Mg16 + Boron)

Magnite (N32–Mg16 + Boron) Magnite is Urea coated with Magnesium Oxide (the best form of Magnesium) plus Boron. Magnite can be applied on its own, but in the high percentage of our sales it is blended into our Tracephos mixes. The Magnesium coating protects the Urea, so it is safe to mix with other products. For further information contact... more>>

Multi-Trace (P6-S8)

Multi-Trace (P6-S8) This product is manufactured from screened Superphosphate. It is then coated with 34% Trace Elements (B.Co.Cu.Sel.Zn). Multi-Trace can be applied on its own at approximately 40kgs/Ha or blended with other fertilizers of your choice for Trace Element requirements, again giving a very even spread. Where Tracephos is used and... more>>