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Southstar Fertilizers:

Southstar Fertilizers was founded in 1988 and is based in Te Awamutu, New Zealand. It has a strong reputation for innovation and development of technology in fertilizer.

Soutstar Fertilizers: Efficiency through Technology

Southstar Fertilizers has an in-house laboratory based in Hamilton with head chemist Mike Brown. He has 30 years experience in fertilizer research.

Southstar’s research and development has enabled them to develop a unique coating process for fertilizer and hold patents for the technology in both New Zealand and Australia under the title ‘Granular fertilizer with supplemental coating’. These patents are held by Southstar’s development company, Hi Tech Products Ltd. World wide patents have also been lodged.

Over the past 3 years Southstar Fertilizers has developed ways of creating slow release fertilizers using the same technology that is used in the coating process.

Southstar has become well known for our technology and is now regularly approached by other companies and organizations to develop product under contract and also to contract manufacture. We are keen to further develop this side of our business.

For further information contact: Murray Zander on 0064 21 825240, 0064 92360444 or mjzander@ihug.co.nz

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